We take great pride in caring for your eyes and your vision. In response to some of our most commonly asked questions:


  • We diagnose and treat every red, injured, infected, blurry, and dry eye there is.
  • We prescribe eye drops like anti-allergy, anti-infectives, and anti-dry eye.
  • We fit contact lenses. 
  • We will see your whole family including kids and husbands.
  • We see infants for free from age 6 months to 12 months.
  • We have an amazing eyeglass selection with a certified Optician.
  • We have an onsite lens finishing lab.
  • We work exclusively with the best Ophthalmologists in Duluth if a need arises. 
  • We have evening and weekend appointments available. (click here for hours)
  • We are convenient to get to and have free parking. (click here for directions)